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The Victory Park band shell is approaching its 70th birthday! The story of the band shell begins in 1939.  In August of 1939 the Albion City Council petitioned the Works Progress Administration for a variety of projects including the construction of the band shell for Victory Park totaling $330,000.

During this time the Albion City Band was in full swing.  The group held concerts in the park 3 days a week.  Construction of the band shell began in 1941 and while that was taking place the Albion City Band used temporary stands on the lawn of Victory Park for their evening concerts.  Construction was completed in October of 1941.

The very first concert was held on October 12, 1941 which was the final concert of the 1941 Albion City Band season, two months before Pearl Harbor was bombed. The mayor at the time, Norman H. Wiener announced that the band shell was to be dedicated in an elaborate ceremony in the spring of 1942 but the dedication never took place.

The band shell was finally dedicated in 2001 and will continue to be a landmark within Victory Park.  Its stage has seen the history of music in Albion and held performers from around the United States.

The band shell was recently given a face lift and has become home to both the Albion Community Band concerts as well as the annual summer series Swingin’ at the Shell’.  Whether it’s 1941 or 2010 the Albion Community band shell is the perfect venue to enjoy wonderful music in an ideal setting.

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