The Invasion – July 28

Don’t look now, but an invasion is coming! The Invasion is Detroit’s premium British Invasion cover band.  The British Invasion was a cultural phenomenon of the mid-60s and was influential in the counterculture forming on both sides of the Atlantic. Drawn together from a love of this type of music, The Invasion’s tight harmonies and era-inspired instruments bring out the best of that magical decade.   They are the real deal.

This project has been a pure joy for the group who have a love for the music of the Beatles and those who followed, and it shows in their musical command as well as their audience engagement. We love them yeah, yeah, yeah… And with a love like that, you know they can’t be bad!

The Invasion’s members are all experienced musicians, and have played for Nathaniel Mayer, Map Of The World, Kiss Me Screaming,  Billy Mack and the Juke Joint Johnnies, Milagro, Frank Allison and the Odd Sox, the Imperial Swing Orchestra, and Dick Siegel and the Brandos, just to name a few.

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